Success stories of using Caterpillar and Noregon JPRO engines

Success Stories: Empowering Businesses with Caterpillar Engines and Noregon JPRO

When it comes to the spheres that push us forward, powerful engines and intelligent diagnosis tools play an unrivaled role. This belief is demonstrated by the solid branding of a company like Caterpillar, one of the best known names in power and dependability. Tonawanda, NY & Greensboro,NC (PRWEB) August 15, 2014 -- The integration of Noregon's JPRO Professional with Caterpillar diagnostic software allows businesses of all sizes and across a variety of industries to compete with heavy-duty operations. Read on to learn how their union of Caterpillar engines and Noregon JPRO helped these companies become the industry benchmarks of productivity.

Perpetual Power for Perpetual Improvement

As construction resources continue to populate build space, hidden like thirds of icebergs from the casual passersby on surrounding streets, Caterpillar engines provide the pulse needed to push machinery that changes the world. ABC Construction, which is a professional construction company, is a prime example. It was their Caterpillar powered fleet of excavators, bulldozers, and graders that carved a path for the city to become what we know today, this included building many of Melbourne's iconic landmarks.

Form Mark Miller, Project Manager, ABC Construction: "For more than 20 years, Caterpillar engines have been our preferred power source. Their reliable strength, combined with outstanding miles per gallon, has kept our projects running on time and under budget. Their reliability has meant very little time out of action, enabling our team to concentrate on producing outstanding results.

Great Title to Slam Caterpillar Into Agriculture

Across the landscape of rolling green hills Caterpillar engines quietly power the agriculture equipment that feeds the world. XYZ Farms is a prestigious agricultural producer, and they have experienced the exceptional performance benefits of Caterpillar engines first-hand. Caterpillar is re-inventing farming practices in the community with their tractors, harvesters and irrigation systems, all powered by Caterpillar.

"Between ROI, increased productivity, and efficiencies though the caterpillar engines, these have helped benefit our bottom line," said Sarah Jones, Operations Manager, at XYZ Farms. Their excellent work performance has allowed us to cover more ground in the same amount of time; conversely, their fuel savings play a significant role in saving operation cost. These engines have proven to be dependable and we trust them to pat us over the back during the toughest seasons."

Mining - Non-stop power for non-stop operations

Caterpillar engines deep below the earth direct the work of mining machines that extract the fuels of industry from raw materials. One such company is DEF Mining, a well-known miner that has directly experienced the power of Caterpillar engines. For decades their Caterpillar-powered haul trucks, excavators and loaders have ventured deep into the most demanding terrains continuously retrieving valuable minerals.

"Our mining operations depend on Caterpillar engines," DEF Mining Chief Engineer John Smith said. They have been our backbone during the harshest times, and they have helped us pull out more resources from our environment than we would ever need. The reliability of these engines has reduced downtime, allowing our lines to operate seamlessly.

Transportation: Efficiency On the Move, With Cat at the Core

Over the expansive highways and into the concrete jungles our engines have been a driving force in keeping the world connected. GHL Transportation, one of the top logistics providers in the Uithelle sector, already run Cat engines to maximise productivity. For years their Caterpillar-powered trucks have crisscrossed continents, never failing to deliver the goods.

"Cat engines have played a crucial role in our transportation accomplishments," said Tom Williams, Fleet Manager of GHL Transportation. Their high fuel efficiency has dramatically reduced our transportation costs and provided the power we need to keep up with the tightly scheduled deliveries. Our engines remain quality assured, cutting breakdowns to a minimum, to make certain our goods arrive safe and sound - too, and in the course of time.

How Noregon JPRO Makes The Difference.

At the heart of every winning story, is a group of devoted professionals giving their best to get the best out of their machines. This team uses the latest diagnostic software from Caterpillar, as well as Noregon JPRO, for XYZ Construction, ABC Farms, DEF Mining, and GHL Transportation. This has empowered Noregon JPRO technicians to diagnose and fix the engines with accuracy and time effectiveness.

JPRO has changed the game for us when it comes to engine service," said Robert Williams, a technician at DEF Mining. Its ease of use and wide range of diagnostics means we can quickly find them. Preventive maintenance, a feature of the software, has enabled us to catch issues before they break, helping us save downtime and money.

Testament To Relentless Performance

The stories like ABC Construction, XYZ Farms, DEF Mining, and GHL Transportation only proved the powerful performance of Caterpillar engines supported by Noregon JPRO. These businesses are in a range of industries, but all of them have done incredible things with the force of these two power brands. The constant power and performance of Caterpillar engines with the diagnostic capabilities of Noregon JPRO will only fuel industries as they continue to change and grow more difficult while ensuring that worksites achieve even greater success.

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