ALLISON TCM REFLASH 6.3 2021.12 (1 PC) Diagnostics Software

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ALLISON TCM REFLASH 6.3: Your Key to Transmission Optimization


Date of update: 2021
Download size: 
2 Gb
Diagnostics Software
Operating system: 
Windows 10/11
Included in the package

Download and installation:
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Installation on 1 PC

ALLISON TCM REFLASH is advanced software designed specifically for updating and accurately calibrating Electronic Control Units (TCM) of Allison transmissions.

Advantages of using ALLISON TCM REFLASH 6.3:

  • Improved performance and smooth running:

    • Optimization of transmission algorithms.
    • Improved acceleration and gearshift dynamics.
    • Reduction of vibrations and noise.
  • Fuel economy and reduction of CO2 emissions:

    • TCM calibration for optimal fuel consumption.
    • Reduction of harmful emissions.
  • Increased transmission service life:

    • Protection of the transmission from premature wear.
    • Extension of service intervals.
    • Reduced likelihood of breakdowns.
  • Reduced equipment downtime:

    • Fast and accurate updating of TCM calibrations.
    • Reduced repair and maintenance time.
    • Increased business profitability.
  • Enhanced compatibility:

    • Support for all Allison TCM families (WTEC II, CEC2, WTEC III, 1000/2000 pre-4th gen, 4th gen, EP 40/50 SystemSTM).
    • Works with Windows 10 x64, Windows 11 x64, Windows 7 x64.
  • Allison DOC® integration:

    • Seamless download and calibration updates.
    • Convenient management and history logging.
  • Multi-adapter support:

    • NEXIQ USB-Link 2
    • J-PRO DLA+ Adapter
    • DrewTech® Mongoose Pro
    • Other compatible adapters
  • Ease of use:

    • Intuitive interface.
    • Step-by-step instructions.
    • User support.

Target Audience:

  • Allison repair and maintenance service centers.
  • Trucking companies with an Allison fleet of vehicles.
  • Manufacturers of equipment equipped with Allison transmissions.

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